Víctor Royás

Lives and works in Madrid.

Royás’ work addresses the barrage of images we get from contemporary reality and current socio-political context. His work focuses on the concepts of memory, power, violence, identity, as well as the very essence of nature, including the relationship between man and nature.

Royás explores the daily shock that an overwhelming and disensitizing culture of images generates. His work is not about making visible the hidden truth behind these images;

Carlos Gonzales Ragel

‚Cuando el arte traspasa la piel‘ (When art goes beyond skin)

In an exercise of fusion of the deepest Spanish cultural traditions and new technologies, the spectator can admire the work of Ragel in stereoscopic paintings and 3D televisions, allowing him to delve into the best of two worlds: the pictorial vanguard of the early 20th century represented by his work, with today’s technological vanguard involved in 3D.

Rolf Kaufmann

‚It would be easy to take a picture to capture the shortest glimpse of time and reality. By trying to paint such a “moment of reality”, Kaufmann extends it almost indefinitely. The time-consuming method of painting alone is the first step of that extension. The point of view keeps changing. Before the focus was on the motiv only momentarily, the surroundings only briefly glanced upon. Now, the observation is more detailed,

Su! Steck

Pictures – sensual, sensible and nonsensical

To catch unforeseeable things and experience the (Color)Creation. Freedom. Realizing. Fascinated by the surprises, that comes between the progress… world of emotion .. in their own dynamic on canvas… would be arranged … maybe destroyed… developed … shaped new … overlapped … completed… for at last there is a accomplished complete work, generated through the awareness and the unknown (live)process.

Meike Haug

“My name is Meike Haug and I am 24 years old. In my free time I create children’s books, postcards and much more. That’s how I try to share my joy with others. Mainly I use China ink and aquarelle for my illustrations. I love to draw little monsters and other characters which I associate with childhood. I hope you get inspired by my artwork.”

Sonja Acri

‘Interesting structures as they are found everywhere in nature fascinate and inspire me.
The beauty and uniqueness, but also the transitory nature of these surfaces with their natural patina is what I’m trying to abstract and bring to the screen.

In my work I exclusively use marble dust, sand and pigments, as well as iron powder and oxidizer for the rust structures.’


Ludwina Simmet

Luwina Simmet (born 1960 in Munich) lives in Geltendorf (Bayern). She deliberately uses expressive colour and diverse techniques.For her it means to bring her colourful fantasies to life and to immerse herself into a universe of possibilities. She uses canvas, paper, wood, concrete, self-made or industrial objects to express her ideas.

Angustias Fernández García

Art ist freedom. Freedom is what shows in Angustias paintings. She paints powerfully and intuitively, her paintings originate from the situation.

Angustias was born in Spain, spent several years in Berlin and now lives in Ulm. In 2007 she founded the studio community ulmART and participated in numerous projects and exhibitions, as most recently in the K-Werk in Ulm.

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Das Einhornparadigma

The artist collective “Das Einhornparadigma” (“The Unicorn paradigm”) consists of Gaba (Gabriela Wiesel, 60) and Chris (Christine Ullrich, 27). The two met a few years ago during a somewhat piquant phase in their respective lives. After Gaba had loaded Chris and her backpack into her car without knowing her, they both detected a connection while enjoying some wine in the wind. Gaba is 60 years of age, Chris is 27,

Sr. Mu

Sr. Mu lives and works in Madrid. Visual Artist and Visual Thinker.

Sr.Mu’s artwork drinks from irony and comic (among other refreshments) in order to quench its narrative thirst. It tells stories emerged from any moment or situation and joyfully revealed by the artist.

As a street art performer also experimenting with animation, he produces artworks in a great variety of techniques, materials and topics in which Sr.Mu does what he is capable of after a crash of influences and the due tantrum throwing…