Rolf Kaufmann


‚It would be easy to take a picture to capture the shortest glimpse of time and reality. By trying to paint such a “moment of reality”, Kaufmann extends it almost indefinitely. The time-consuming method of painting alone is the first step of that extension. The point of view keeps changing. Before the focus was on the motiv only momentarily, the surroundings only briefly glanced upon. Now, the observation is more detailed, the focus point is scanning, recognizing, comparing, evaluating, censoring and interpreting reality. By omitting detail here, emphasizing another there, Kaufmann creates a new, non-existent reality, which symbolizes the non-existent reality we all live in. People tend to have an image of themselves, an idea about how and what they want to be. The focus has been shifted from essence to appearance, to superficialities, polished surfaces, light effects, glass facades of buildings, that suggest openness, space and transparency, but which are impenetrable and cold. It’s this topic that interests Kaufmann as well as the human being in its diversity, its relation to others, the way it treats nature, but also the inconsistency of human structure, the limitless hunger for power, the recklessness, the arrogance, the thoughtlessness, contrasted by the empathy, the sensibility, the readiness to help others and the vulnerability.‘
(Text after R. Kaufmann)