Liam Lion

Maximilian Gutmair (born 1989 in Bamberg geboren, lives and works in Munich) is a young, self-educated photographer constantly refining his artistic view through the technical possibilities provided by the medium of photography since 2011.

His work originates from a motivation to distort reality in order to create a new layer of interpretation and beauty. Anxiety paired with unease -evident in coloring as well as scene- are juxtaposed with a liveliness and picturesque quality in order to create an image that encourages to reflect on the everyday life of young adults.


LSuquia studies Fashion design in Madrid. She specialised in textile design and you can appreciate it her love for patterns. Both fashion and design are her two main channels of communication where both combine in a synergetic way.

Great Apes ?!?

ajoofa produces fair and organic printed textiles. The designs are based on paintings which are created by great apes in zoological institutions in Europe and in Africa during animal enrichment programs.

7% of the revenue is used to help the endangered species, especially the apes themselves.


Fabian Fabrizzio


My father died when I was five years old. Since my mother had to work a lot because of that, my younger brother and me spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who was a painter. In contrast to my brother I never put down the pens again. I painted a lot and my grandmother encouraged me and tried to support the talent she saw in me.

Anne-Katrin Scheel soon in Kunst Schimmer #2 Anne-Katrin Scheel used to be a b…

Anne-Katrin Scheel
soon in Kunst Schimmer #2

Anne-Katrin Scheel used to be a biologist. Then she was a set designer at the movies. But then she turned artist. She likes working with graphite drawings and also does small sculptural works.

While she continuously experiments with different topics, she always returns to her origins, spends endless hours looking through her microscope or at a recently dismembered body and anatomic drawings.

Lisa Simpson soon in Kunst Schimmer #2 'I am a Brazilian/Canadian artist just…

Lisa Simpson
soon in Kunst Schimmer #2

'I am a Brazilian/Canadian artist just moved to Ulm. For the past ten years I have been working as a textile artist, specializing in performative interactions with the public though upcycling. In my career I have noticed how receptive people are to altering garments, and bringing new life to old clothes! I have exhibited extensively in Brazil, Canada, the Uk and now Germany.

Dimitri Bartloff

‚It all started in the summer of 2011 after I renovated my apartment. Days of hard work had passed, I was relaxing on my sofa, listening to records. And Bam! Dilla Donuts’ and Kaye-ree’s “Endless Melody” blew me away, inserted immensely colourful visions into my daydreams. Which made me start on my first paintings. And now? The beat must go on! Endless Melody. Each track that blows me away is being transformed,