Florence Dujarric

My godfather, who carried me in his arms on the day of my baptism, was a photographer. It was sorting through his effects many years later with my grandfather that I discovered the negatives of the pictures he’d taken of me when I was a child. The preserved moment was like crystal and I was amazed to rediscover the laughing little blonde curly-haired girl I had been.

Da sind sie wieder, die Gurkenhobel: "Der Plan ist, zu zeigen, dass Kunst nich…

Da sind sie wieder, die Gurkenhobel:

"Der Plan ist, zu zeigen, dass Kunst nichts Elitäres ist. Dafür haben die Organisatoren neun Tage Zeit und rund 600 Quadratmeter Platz…."


Gemälde neben Gurkenhobeln
„Kunstschimmer“ soll Besucher der „Leben Wohnen Freizeit“ für Kunst begeistern


„SHARING PASTA … BASTA!“ – An interactive performance of “Montagsgesellschaft” on Sunday, 23rd March, 12:00 noon.

A table, two plates of pasta, one place is empty… what happens?
Someone in the audience take a seat, or nobody is coming?
What happens when two strangers sitting across?
What happens when one begins to share his food?

Everything is possible.

The “Montagsgesellschaft”,

Lilian Syrigou

She was born in 1984 in the city of Athens, where she grew up and attended school, with the exception of the last 2 years of high school that she attended -and graduated from- the 1st Lyceum of Syros. Those 2 years she took up jewellery making as a hobby, working with glass, buttons, sequins and beads, which made her realize that creating her own original jewellery is what she is interested in professionally.

Daniel Rauch

Daniel Rauch is an artist who puts down his inspiration on canvas, records it as video, scultps it in stone or leaves it to the vibrations of a guitar string.

Daniel Rauch will play at the opening on March 22nd 2014.

Anne-Kathrin Scheel

Anne-Katrin Scheel used to be a biologist. Then she was a set designer at the movies. But then she turned artist. She likes working with graphite drawings and also does small sculptural works.

While she continuously experiments with different topics, she always returns to her origins, spends endless hours looking through her microscope or at a recently dismembered body and anatomic drawings. Currently she is working on a small sculpture,

Kunstbauraum e.V.

‚Create space, create art, make room, make room art, create art, to sleep in the room …‘

Kunstbauraum e.V. is an association of artists and artists who set themselves the goal to create a lasting space for themselves and others . To promote the art and culture and revitalize .

The Internet platform offers members the opportunity to share, to organize and present. At least once a year the club presents selected works by members on hand at an Exhibition.