Kunstbauraum e.V.


‚Create space, create art, make room, make room art, create art, to sleep in the room …‘

Kunstbauraum e.V. is an association of artists and artists who set themselves the goal to create a lasting space for themselves and others . To promote the art and culture and revitalize .

The Internet platform offers members the opportunity to share, to organize and present. At least once a year the club presents selected works by members on hand at an Exhibition. There are organized competitions that will stimulate artistic activity . Once a month the club Stammtisch meets to get to know and exchange. The Annual General Meeting is held once a year. There, all important decisions are made jointly.

Noise, dust and high rents are some of the problems that make it difficult to find a suitable premises . If an object is cheap it will be torn down sooner or later . Can you make noise , it is either priceless or at the „end of the world“ .
The association has set itself the goal of creating a space in which we also each place together for his place .

These are the artists from Kunstbauraum that will join us:

Jörg Höb, Caritt Reichl, Volker Jeremies, Wendelin Traub, Rachel Brodiak, Christine Huchler, Monika Wittrich, Richard Géczi, Christian Greifendorf