Fabian Fabrizzio



My father died when I was five years old. Since my mother had to work a lot because of that, my younger brother and me spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who was a painter. In contrast to my brother I never put down the pens again. I painted a lot and my grandmother encouraged me and tried to support the talent she saw in me. Back then I mainly drew monsters, dinosaurs or characters from comic books and cartoons.

When I grew up I got interested in other things and neglected painting and drawing, I only scribbled into my school books. After my time in school, which I spent winging it, I spent a few years with temporary jobs, unemployed and generall lacking a perspective. That’s when I noticed that the regular job-world was not for me.

In 2007 I started painting again and in 2008 I trained as a graphic designer. Around that time my grandmother died and I inherited all her canvases, colours and her collection of art books.

I began to lock myself in at home just to paint and to absorb anything art-related. I felt haunted and I haven’t stopped painting ever since. I draw my inspiration from anything, ranging from graffiti to traditional painting. And when I run out of canvas, I simply paint on wooden boards or really anything I can find.