Holger Görrißen


Playing at Kunst Schimmer on Sunday, March 23rd at 15:00
(and at Podium Bar / Theater Ulm on Saturday, March 22nd at 22:00)

Holger Görrißen comes from the Südpfalz and ever since he student he was spending a lot of time with the work of Tom Waits, the underground icone from California. A lot of musicians are covering songs by the singer- songwriter who was inducted to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2011, but only a few do it with the quality Holger Görrißen does. It not just the rough voice, the 1970 born lawyer uses to get through Waits’ oeuvre, meaning 40 years worth of material. It#s the combination of said voice, a “sometimes distorted” e-piano, accordion and a number of diy percussion instruments Görrißen can operate with his feet and last but not least the megaphone, that bring an authentic Tom Waits feeling to the stage. Which is being amplified by rhythms, Görrißen creates himself. He recorded himself banging garage doors, slamming cars doors shut, dropping boxes, creaking up an old wooden staircase, throwing stones into the water, he recorded railroad construction, the noise of the forest and other sounds. Then he built rhythms and beats from these sources.