Heike Sauer – ArtKitsch

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With a keen eye for detail, Heike Sauer is always on the lookout for kitsch and oddities of all kinds – and what she tends to discover can be either aesthetic and appealing or gross and hideous. With a playful approach and a bright sense of humour, Heike goes on to experiment with her treasures, accumulating and grouping them, taking them out of context, referencing, contrasting, amplifying. In the process she creates captivating objects that leave a smile on your face, trashy plastic settings that, at second glance, reveal a deeper meaning. They remind us that life can be both pretty and terrible at the same time – pretty terrible or terribly pretty, depending on one’s perspective.
In the cabaret scene Heike has made a name for herself with her successful solo performance as „Marlies Blume“ and her duo „Münch & Sauer“.