Helga Dangel


‚The last 15 years in the United States of America changed my life. I left Europe and a career in business administration to educate and feed my artistic soul in the Chicago area. After a BA in sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago I received a Masters degree in Art Education from the SAIC in 2009. The study of African-American history, the political and cultural continuity of events defined my understanding of American history more closely and it added to my art teaching in adult education and at high schools.

Exploring and combining things I have always valued, causing the moments I can look inwards. Through the process of painting and sculptural work I get to the bottom of things, to my thoughts to my feelings, and to my emotions.

Conceptually, I look for natural things to use, such as fiber, wood, minerals, stone, findings of all sorts. Marble, reduced to small pieces, or bee’s wax release a natural smell that inspire my senses and make me feel home. I always trust my natural sense of aesthetics.‘