Kunst Schimmer #2

What is Kunst Schimmer?

Kunst Schimmer is a multidisciplinary art, streetart and design exhibition founded by one of the curators of Kunstfahrschule (initiated by the Kulturfahrschule project) and other members of artist collectives from Ulm, Germany.

Kunst Schimmer #2 will present even more art disciplines, artists from other parts of the world and a one day Art after_fair event on March 29th with performances and special workshops. Kunst Schimmer #2 is a collateral event of the Hobby and Leisure exhibition (Leben Wohnen Freizeit) with more than 80.000 visitors. Welcome are all kinds of artists and designers from Baden Württemberg, but also from Germany and abroad.

Artists in Residency: Arists that come from abroad or other parts of Germany will stay in an artist/collaborator home and will share with them all the experience of the 9 days´s fair and afterfair. They will work with other artists in the fair in the streetart/art Jam and will participate of the workshops that will take place in the fair.

What categories are available?


Who is invited?

For all the categories above, we welcome applications from artists & art-collectives working in any field of art, galleries, art collectors and institutions. The olny exceptions is the collaborative art piece which is reserved for artists and art collectives. While we have a focus on regional participants (Baden Württemberg in particular), we do encourage and welcome participants from Germany and abroad!

Facts and Info about the Hobby and Leisure exhibition

The annual fair exists since 1938.

Business sectors: Building (Regional), Gardening, Hobby, Do-it-Yourself, Leisure, Vacation, Regional Trade and Industry
Net sqm 26000
Exhibitors 500
Visitors 80000


Ulm Messe – Donausaal – Böfinger Strasse 50 – Ulm

The city has a lively art scene and a number of established art institutions such as the Kunsthalle Weisshaupt, Ulmer Museum and Stadthaus, as well as a number of professional and alternative art galeries and artists‘ collectives. The old part of the city and it’s internationally known cathedral add to the cultural program.

Ulm is conveniently located at the intersection of highways A8 and A7 between Munich and Stuttgart and the fair grounds provide ample parking space.

When travelling by train, the fair can be reached via the city’s only tram-line directly from the train station.


Kunst Schimmer #2 will take place from March 22nd to March 30th 2014.

Mounting will have to be done on March 21st, dismounting will be on the 30th March, right after the fair.