Inside Out

On March 2, 2011, JR won the TED prize at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California, and called for the creation of a global participatory art project with the potential to change the world. This project is called INSIDE OUT.

Inspired by JR’s large‐format street „pastings“, INSIDE OUT gives everyone the opportunity to share their portrait and make a statement for what they stand for. It is a global platform for people to share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

Each INSIDE OUT group action around the world is documented, archived and exhibited online. Over 120,000 people from more than 108 countries have participated.


Kunst Schimmer is hosting now a new group action in Ulm. This action is called INSIDE OUT / coNNeXIonS.

Their Statement:  
„We want to connect art with the people, people with art, people with people. We want to build a platform for exchange, for sharing ideas, ways of expression.  Art  shouldn´t be an elitist religion, but a daily excercise.“

This project is initiative of: Florence Dujarric, Slaimi and Cecilia Espejo.

The installation will be shown in Kunst Schimmer #2 exhibition.

Do you want to take part in INSIDE OUT / coNNeXIonS?

>>> PHOTO SESSION in Ulm (Esselsberg) <<<

  • DAY 1: 31st January (Friday)
  • DAY 2: 01.02 (Saturday)

The photo session will last no more that 15 minutes. After registering you will receive all the details of the place of the photo session and the time.