KS7: Irmin Bernstädt

I am born at the 6th August 1976 in Wiesbaden, where i live. I love to be in nature, I am creative, emotional and emphatically. My artwork is a passion with which I balance out my everyday life as a teacher on a junior high for math, social studies and biology. Finally it is a the chance to show my point of view. I am an autodidact. Art is part of my everyday life. I have always had an affinity for photography. I am fascinated being a creative and not only using a camera for making technical perfect pictures. My art is a moder, pictural and conceptual- art photography. One of the most crucial aspects is finding matter that I want to explore or capture. Mostly I go out in nature, experimenting with commonplace situations. So I photograph the harmless sky, a harmless puddle or ice and begin to capture abstract effects like reflections, shadows, colors, patterns and textures.

Three pictures of my work were selected to be digital showcased at exhibitions in Copenhagen, London and Budapest. I am also Finalist of the Globalartawards 2018 in Dubai. And awarded with the International prize of caravaggio in Dezember 2018 and the International prize of botticelli in Febraury 2019.