KS7: Pejo

The Belgian artist couple.

In real life and in artistic life a couple that made its way into the glass art world, Johanna as Laureate Master in stained glass and fusion techniques and Peter an award winning international designer joined hands and minds to create contemporary glass art.

They started with modern stained glass windows but gave it a three dimensional twist by adding perspective. Later they have set their mind to glass fusion. Starting with small abstracts mounted in old wood to large figurative glass works. Experimenting with new materials and techniques, creating a whole new fantasy world where the art lovers needs to use their imagination to see the color in what looks at first sight a black and white artwork. The natural reflection of the glass guides them.

Being restless, the search of creating new, original and different glass art, drives them to think out of the box. No boundaries that’s the new approach. Their glass art stands alone, not in frames. It’s a more dynamic and powerful presentation that suggests movement and speed. Therefore, their newest creations are made with special fusing techniques into realistic scenes, portraits, sport events, animals or the capture of a book story.

A new series created in transparent glass “Les Enfants Invisibles” is a statement that children have feelings, dreams, ambitions, talent and should be able to be children to play and be happy. By giving them a name, a voice we want to break with the idea that children are not transparent or invisible for they are our future.

The latest series “The Silver Collection” are tryptics, simple white with graphical embossed drawings in mirror effect.

Pejo’s strength is not only exclusivity but they make everything together and enjoy the new ideas to create that one piece they think should be the next one.

Pejo’s glass art is enjoyed on 4 continents now, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America in Sierra Leone, Thailand, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, The Netherlands and the United States of America.