Juan Díaz-Faes Díaz

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Juan Diaz-Faes Diaz (born in Oviedo, 1982) draws, eats and laughs in equal measure. He is a member of the collective Ultrarradio, which publishes both friends and strangers for the sole purpose of having fun and spreading the comic culture in Spain.

He has published individual works like Leonido Lemmy or The rubber band, and has participated in dozens of collective comics.

In 2013 he was nominated as the best emerging author in the Comic Hall of Barcelona for his comic ‚Success for losers‘.

He is a regular contributor to the magazines Yorokobu and Ling (Vueling) and enterprise content & Roses Brands. In his spare time he directs short movies, like Hermit Stew, which won an award at the International Film Festival of Gijon, and is finishing his thesis, in which he is investigating the direct relationship of creative thought with quality of life.

If he stops doing things, he gets bored.