Kultur Fahrschule Future Projects


The Kunstfahrschule (driving school of art) was a non-commercial, temporary art space located in Ulm. It is part of the Kultur Fahrschule.

Kunst Schimmer #2 will have three curators from this project and other members of artist collectives from Ulm.

The basic idea of the Kultur Fahrschule (culture driving school) is based on the cultural interim use of vacant buildings, and enhance special places individually and with cultural content.

This concept would expand the team in the future as an advisory and active function, the idea is that submitted projects will be implemented as collaborations.
This enables a fundamental link with people who can benefit from the experience of the Kultur Fahrschule.

The culture Driving School takes on fundamental and organizational processes, which are discussed and implemented jointly with the project donors. In addition, it can be ensured that these projects have not run a major expense and planning costs are kept as low as possible.