THE TEAM FOR KUNST SCHIMMER 3 / 2015 (as of October 2014)

Stefan Grzesina M.A. (born 1975), is ethnologist, film maker, video artist, fotographer, media scientist, writer and traveller. He returned to his hometown Ulm after 10 years in cologne and 45 months of travels through Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Since then he has been working on his first novel in the secluded calm of the village Burlafingen near Ulm. In the meantime, he exhibited his photography and video works on four separate occasions in Ulm. In 2013 he was one of the curators of Kunst Fahrschule and has founded Kunst Schimmer together with Cecilia Espejo. For the second edition he was responsible for concept and planning as well as for the curation. He will cover the same position for the 3rd edition in 2015.

Tommi Brem (born 1977), is a collector, artist, freelance project manager (e.g. Stadthaus Ulm) and stage designer and he was part of the team that created „Independent Collectors“ a social network for collectors of contemporary art. In 2013 he was one of the curators of „Kunst Fahrschule“. For Kunst Schimmer #2, Brem was one of the curators and dealt with the accounting. For the 3rd edition in 2015, he will be on board again.




Stefan Grzesina M.A. (see above).

Cecilia Espejo (born 1975), is interaction- and service-designer, artist, event planer and entrepreneur from Madrid, Spain, where she was organising art- and design-projects. Two years ago she started in Germany as interaction- and service-designer for Nokia and Audi. In 2013 she founded the exhibition series Kunst Schimmer together with Stefan Grzesina. For the second edition she will be responsible for concept and planning as well as for the curation.

Tommi Brem (see above).

Andreas Dukek-Haferkorn (born 1978 in Blaubeuren), is an independent project manager and event planner. In Ulm he held for several years, the art and cultural event series „Artopia“ in numerous regional and national artists perform. The skilled carpenter and restaurateur has also worked as an Account Manager at T-Online and worked in trade fair organization. In May 2012, he was named „Cultural Council“ Ulm „FiViFe – appointed fishing district festival and was able to contribute his experience to a Erlebisreichen street festival again. The „Kunst Schimmer“ will also serve as a platform to inform the public about artistic and cultural projects in Ulm. Andreas Dukek-Haferkorn, who runs the Kultur Fahrschule, will provide information about the creation of Kultur Fahrschule, the status-quo and the possible future of the initiative.

Claudia Natalie Widmaier owns since 1994 a communication agency placed in Ulm ( She studied graphic design at the Art Academy in Stuttgart.  In 2009 she founded the dance performance group ‚ Liquidlilith‘ ( In addition to numerous networking events such as World Dance Day in Ulm in 2011, she developed the concept Kleidertausch XCHANGE IN THE CITY with exhibition, cabaret and fashion show ( In Kunst Schimmer #2 she is responsible for the communication, sponsoring and organization.

Christian Greifendorf (born 1976) is artist and art teacher. In 2013 he was a curator of Kunst Fahrschule. He exhibits regularly, either in solo or group exhibitions. He will support Kunst Schimmer as curator.