KS7: MoWi artCommunication

MoWi Art Communication is a cultural association active in Germany and Italy, experienced in promoting culture and artists. Directed in Germany by Martin Wicke and in Italy by the artist Giovannino Montanari the team is made complete by the artist Maristella Gulisano (Vice-president) and art historian Marco Grilli (Press Office Director). Our aim is to spread art all around the world, by allowing everybody to get access to the full development of artistic creation in our contemporaneity. We want to promote not only established artists, but also the emerging ones. We believe in the power of art as an important way of communication. On January 10-18, 2019 we have organised an event in the Museo Diocesano e Capitolare of Terni (Umbria)in Italy with national and international artists conveying their idea of “Creative Freedom in Shape, Concept, Images”.

With mowiartcommunication.de we have created an online gallery and see ourselves as a platform for entering into dialogue with contemporary art. We wish to bring art collectors, art enthusiasts and artists together and realise worldwide sales of unique and original art directly from the artists. Promoting young talents, working with renowned artists of different artistic directions and a trustworthy communication with our customers are our primary objectives. We present diligently curated art by a growing number of contemporary artists. Let yourself be inspired by our wide range of artwork from abstract painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and object art.

For further information please visit our homepage mowiartcommunication.it or follow us on:

Facebook: @mowiartcommunicationitaly
Instagram: mowiartitaly

We would be delighted to meet you in person at the Ulm Art Fair where we will participate as Art Dealers.

The following artists will be accompanying us:

Donatella Colasanti (Terni – Umbria)
Lorenzo Di Pinto (Roma – Lazio)
Isabella Cavallaro (Santa Venerina – Sicilia)
Maristella Gulisano (Roma – Lazio)
Giovannino Montanari (Hungen – Germany)
Pietro Rossi (Cesenatico – Emilia Romagna)