KS7: Sonja Kobrehel

My work in visual arts reflects the constant changes,experience in my personal life. I am guided by my feelings, thoughts, dreams and visions. The sources of my inspiration are many:an appreciation ;I love to look for traces of the people who came before and clues about what they did there and why. Journeys are an integral part of the inspirations. I am always intrigued by the human cultural elements and visual stimulation that I encounter. I find that every place and culture reveals its beauty to me in the everyday life. I like to use symbols in my art work and creating my personal iconography.

The symbols are the clues to many aspects of my life,but my paintings usually start with a color idea,than evolve into composition in which color is the primary subject. I work in collage , various media on paper and canvas ,mixing everything possible together and bring it to others in a visual format. Much attention is given to the surface texture adding different materials,carving,scratching,gluing…creating visual dialog. I complete my work using drawing techniques and whatever else it takes to communicate my intended vision.