KS7: Inge Thøgersen

Living in Aarhus, the second biggest town in Denmark, Family terapist and painter. Together with 8 other painters, I have a workshop in the artist community nearby my home. I have been painting for many years, have spent countless courses and teaching, I am – and have been a member of several inspirational and learning groups.

Several of the pictures hide from a real-life everyday story, transformed into colors and shapes, a skew angle or expressing a dream or a change. I am fascinated by human relationships, strengths, survival power in the everlasting changeable and often surprising human life. In addition to humans, nature and music are a constant source of inspiration. The light, the sounds, the moods, the colors, shapes, small details and beautiful views. I take many photos that directly or most often indirectly inspire me with a mood or idea for an image. Most often, the images reflect the optimism that I experience is found in most people, even when difficulties in times try to block the view. My paintings are colorful. I paint expressively and use many different tools,  brushes and very often the fingers.

The pictures should preferably talk to the imagination and tell their own stories. If they only create positive energy and joy, it’s also ok, since I know that positivity has an inherently self-reinforcing power. I have made a conscious choice that it is the angle that appears in my pictures. Unless otherwise stated, the displayed images are painted with acrylic on canvas and many layers on top of each other. I paint with brushes, worn bill cards, sticks, cardboard pieces, very often the fingers and anything else.

I have exhibit in Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA, Kosovo and Portugal.