Dear artists – the artist call for the international art fair „Kunst Schimmer 6“ in 2018 has opened!

Artist from all fields are cordially invited to apply. The available space is limited and very asked for, so be quick and apply as soon as possible.

Like in the five years before the international art fair Kunst Schimmer will again be located in the “Donauhalle” in Ulm. That’s an area of exhibition halls next to the Danube river where all big fairs in Ulm take place.  The art fair is an independent part of the huge spring consumer fair „Leben Wohnen Freizeit“, which is known far beyond the borders of Ulm. About 70 000 visitors are expected.*

The „Donau Kunstpreis“ (Danube art award) will also be part of the Kunst Schimmer again. The price will be awarded in four categories. The prize money for the first prize is 800,- €. A total value of 1300,- € prize money is given in cash and goods vouchers to the four winners (see Donau Kunstpreis).

This year the art fair offers a new possibility of exhibiting. It´s a virtual way of showing art to our audience. In the so called „Exhibition Screening“ artists present their works on a 55´´ (138 cm) HD plasma screen. In the catalogue and on the website this exhibitors are treated completely equal to the other participants. They of course also take part in the Donau Kunstpreis art award.
This offer´s especially designed for international artists and for all exhibitors who are restricted to take part in person by distance, limited time resources, physical or financial conditions. But ist’s open to everybody (see „Exhibition Screening“).

We are proud to announce that we were able to confirm many amazing exhibiting artists already.

Exhibitor as well as visitors can look forward to an exciting art experience at the international art fair Kunst Schimmer 6.**



*( bzw.

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